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La Copa do Mundo

on July 30, 2014
Author's family in USA soccer gear

On our way to the USA v. Ghana game (Brazil 2014).

It all began here!  I recently had the fortune to be in Brazil during the World Cup and it became very clear.  I had lived in Brazil twenty years ago as an exchange student from UC San Diego.  I knew Brazil had made a lasting impression on me, but it didn’t really occur to me how profound that experience was until I returned twenty years later with my husband and two children.  It became very clear that what truly inspires me is watching young people get excited about learning and experiencing a different culture, language, people, and way of life.  The lessons learned from global education can be profound and can teach important skills like compassion, collaboration, diplomacy, patience, tolerance and creativity.  My goal with World Wonder is to share ideas, tools and resources for inspiring global citizens and leaders.  Whether you are a parent, caregiver, teacher, youth leader or community organizer, I hope some of my experiences and ideas will inspire you to encourage our next generation of leaders to be global in their thinking and actions.

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