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Simple Rituals

on July 31, 2014
Girl holding a globe

Skye holding a globe at school.

I have always loved the Montessori tradition of celebrating birthdays.  The child holds a globe as the teacher recites an accomplishment during each year of their life as they circle the sunshine. I love this simple ritual because it is a subtle reminder that we as individuals are an important part of this larger planet we live on.  Another ritual that I appreciate in Montessori education is the practice of making maps and learning about global geography.  Watching three and four year old children talk about the continents is pretty outstanding! Introducing our littlest citizens to the world encourages a deeper understanding of the inter connectivity of the world and how our actions can impact not only our local community, but a broader international community.  Some of the simple rituals I recommend include:

  1. Listen to global music.  One of my favorite sources of global music for kids is by Putamayo Kids.
  2. Create crafts from around the world.   Global Art: Activities, Projects, and Inventions from Around the World is a fantastic resource!
  3. Read about kids around the world.  The Global Fund for Children has an excellent collection of children’s books focused on a variety of global themes.
  4. Take a virtual tour of a museum abroad.  National Geographic has their list of top 10 museums that you can explore virtually.
  5. Try a recipe from around the world.  Around the World Cookbook for kids is a wonderful resource!

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