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Respect Thy Earth

on August 12, 2014
Big globe at a museum

A massive globe at the CA Academy of Sciences (San Francisco, 2014).

Recently, Skye and I journeyed to the beautiful California Academy of Sciences. What I love is how each exhibit takes you to another part of the world. You can observe penguins from South Africa, coral reefs from the Philippines, and butterflies from the rainforests in Costa Rica. It’s a nature lesson, geography lesson and science experiment all in one! Every exhibit highlights how important it is for humans to make informed decisions about how we treat the earth and how our decisions can impact the global environment in a positive or negative way. Here are some amazing resources to teach young people about the importance of healthy eating, informed consumerism, conservation, recycling, and how to care for our environment. These are important and critical lessons for everyone and it doesn’t take much to make a big difference!

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One response to “Respect Thy Earth

  1. Hayedeh says:

    It’s such a great idea. Congrats!!! “Think globally, act locally” is one of my favorite mottos.


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