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on August 13, 2014
Children's art hanging on a colorful wall

Children’s art (Thailand 2008).

I was recently inspired by the work of local teachers to create learning spaces that inspire creativity, increased collaboration among students, and improved outcomes.  Edutopia produced some incredible videos highlighting the work of these teachers.  Another fantastic tool was produced by IDEO. Here you can download a tool kit that will guide you in the redesign of your learning space. This inspired me to think about how we can incorporate global learning and awareness into a space, whether it be a classroom, office, home or public environment.  Here are some ideas that might inspire you to globalize your space!

  • Hang papel picado or origami cranes along walls or outdoor spaces.
  • Frame maps, flags or images of global languages and fill a room with a playful mix of geography and cultural icons.
  • Drape colorful and ethnic fabrics over furniture, on the wall or outdoor spaces.
  • Add color and sparkle with accessories like pillows from India, vases from Asia, baskets from Africa, and ceramics from Latin America.  You don’t need to spend a ton of money or travel far to find these items. I know in my community you can visit stores like Cost Plus, Home Goods or Global Exchange and find treasures from India, Mexico, Thailand and Kenya.
  • Fill glass jars with knick knacks from travels, coins, beads, milagros, chop sticks or shells and display them around a room. Make a trip to your local flea market and I bet you’ll find lots of treasures from around the world.
  • Create temporary exhibits. I’m in love with photo clips that you can hang on a wall. Cut out pictures, postcards, flags, and images from around the world and display them. 

Ideas, comments or resources to share?  Contact World Wonder today!


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