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Connecting Classrooms Around the World

on March 4, 2015
Global map

(Classrooms connected. Photo courtesy of Skype.)

I am inspired every day!  But most recently I was inspired by a video featuring a high school classroom using technology to connect with classrooms around the world.  Check out this video “The World Is As Big Or As Small As You Make It,” it is definitely worth watching!

What I love about this is how technology has the power to connect young people around the world and invites conversations that matter.  It provides a safe place for young people to talk with their peers about their interests, their concerns, and their dreams for themselves and the world.  It is a reminder that young people around the world share a common language no matter where they are located and what language they speak.  The opportunity to connect with young people around the world can also offer teens in particular a different trajectory and encourages them to look beyond their immediate neighborhood and to explore the world beyond their community. It teaches compassion, empathy and a broader perspective.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if this was part of every classroom in America?  The exchanges don’t necessarily need to be international in scope.  I can imagine classroom exchanges between classrooms in rural America and urban America.  These are the innovative practices that we as parents, volunteers, community members and educators can encourage in our local schools.  It’s a creative way to use technology as a tool for opening young minds, encouraging global awareness and community engagement.  If you are interested in connecting your child’s classroom check out these resources.

Resources for Virtual Classroom Exchange:


2 responses to “Connecting Classrooms Around the World

  1. kirungi Allen says:

    Kristina, thanks for the wonderful piece of writing…the world is a global village and young people can indeed learn a lot from one another regardless of where they live. I like the video. 🙂


  2. Kate Farmer says:

    Another great blog post! Hope your after school program is going well!

    All the best,


    Kate Farmer | Associate Director – International Studies Schools Network | Asia Society | 725 Park Avenue | New York, NY | 10021 | t 212-327-9307 | f 212-717-1234 | | Hong Kong | Houston | Los Angeles | Manila | Melbourne | Mumbai | New York | San Francisco | Seoul | Shanghai | Washington DC ________________________________


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