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Summer – Global Style!

on June 14, 2017


Picture: Author building sand castles, one of her all time favorite summer activities!

Who’s ready for summer break? I am!  I’m excited for a few months of no homework, less frantic mornings, and not having to race to school to beat the 8:20 am bell. It has been a wonderful school year full of inspiration, but it’s time to slow down and enjoy some different kind of learning. Below are a few ideas to celebrate summer – global style! And don’t forget to connect with World Wonder on Facebook, where you will find weekly updates, tips, and inspiration. Enjoy!

Summer with a global spin. Start here…

  • Get outside!National Geographic Kids is a wonderful resource for learning about the great outdoors. You can find their Get Outside Guidefilled with “fascinating facts and cool ideas for adventures in forests and fields, on beaches and playgrounds, in city parks, and even in your own backyard.”  Go on a stay-cation and explore a nearby national park or town that you have always wanted to visit. Have your kids help you plan your trip, map it out, provide your kids with cameras to record your adventure, keep a journal.
  • Tell your Story! – Introduce your child to children’s books in different languages or books about children around the world. How would your child write their story? How would your child share the books they love with other kids around the world? I recently discovered this online collection of Time for Kids articles that tell the story of young people around the world. What’s most fun about this resource is, for every country, they feature a Day in the Life of a local child. How would your child describe a day in their life? Have them create a book and think about sharing their story with a pen pal.
  • Run, Kick, Score! – Wouldn’t it be fun to explore the world through sports? What do local sports tell you about a culture? Are girls participating in sports in other countries, why? Why not? What sport would you like to try? You might even check out your local resources, for example, here in the Bay Area there is a thriving cricket league because of the large population of athletes from India. Wouldn’t it be fun to catch a local cricket match! I searched for a comprehensive book about sports around the work that might interest children, and I have yet to find anything. But here is a really fun list of games played around the world.
  • Create! – Does your child enjoy painting, drawing, using mixed media, crafts, fashion?  Art is one of the more accessible means for learning about a country, culture and people. Art can provide historical context, cultural lessons, connection and emotion. The Met has an interesting site that shows numerous traveling exhibits featuring art from around the world.
  • Dance Party! – You can learn a lot about a country and culture through their local music. Does your child enjoy making music, singing, dancing, acting, using instruments? I have always loved the assortment of global music offered by Putumayo. Share this musical magic and watch imaginations soar!
  • Bon Appetite! – Does your child enjoy cooking? How about exploring recipes from around the world, including the different ingredients, spices, and traditions around food. Food is another subject that can teach children a lot about a culture and unique traditions such as the local delicacies and celebrations around food. This online resource offers some really fun recipes from around the world.
  • Innovate! – For those children that love to create, experiment, invent, or tinker, there are many ways that these interests and skills can be applied in a global context. How are countries around the world impacted by innovation and access to technology? Why do some places have more access to today’s innovations over others?  How are technologies like solar energy, green construction, and new medical technologies impacting societies around the world? There is a wide array of resources available including learning resources from the national maker space movement, the Exploratorium, the Cal Academy of Sciences and the Tech Museum.   Challenge your children to explore the world through science and technology and you’ll be amazed by what they discover and create.

2 responses to “Summer – Global Style!

  1. Richard King says:

    Great ideas and so important in this world where global connections are so important despite what some of our politicians seem to think. Raising our children to appreciate and understand our global neighbors is critical to world peace.
    And I like the sand castle too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Allen says:

    Very inspiring. I will try out these amazing activities with my daughters. Thanks, Kristina.


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