World Wonder

Inspiring Global Citizenship


Author standing in a market in Cape Town

Author in Cape Town, South Africa.

Why World Wonder?  Since I was a little girl I was always curious about the world.  I can remember the excitement I felt when I received letters from my various international pen pals.  When I was twelve, my father decided to go on sabbatical and away we went to Costa Rica. My dad, mom, two younger brothers and me.  I can remember how powerful and magical that experience was, learning a foreign language, eating different foods, exploring the rainforests, playing soccer in the streets with neighborhood children, and experiencing a different way of life.  This trip to Costa Rica had an immense impact on me and how I learned to see and appreciate the world.  Since that time, I have volunteered, traveled, lived and worked abroad in many countries including Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, and Thailand.  I have also worked and volunteered with several Bay Area organizations focused on building the next generation of global citizens including Paintbrush Diplomacy, World Savvy, and Kiva.

Most recently I had the great fortune to travel with my family to Brazil and that’s where World Wonder began.  As a parent and educator, I feel it is our responsibility as a community to prepare our children to be global citizens and leaders.  I am most inspired by watching young people get excited about learning and going beyond their neighborhoods and exploring the world.  World Wonder is a  resource for parents, caregivers, educators and community organizations interested in inspiring the next generation of global citizens.  This can be done locally. You don’t need to travel 10,000 miles to another continent to gain a global perspective. My goal with this blog is to share ideas, tools and resources for inspiring the next generation of global citizens and community leaders.  I hope you will join me in this journey and be inspired!

Have an idea, comment or resource to share?  Contact World Wonder today!






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